Anti atherosclerosis


Anti atherosclerosis

Tincture reducing Atherosclerosis

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Anti atherosclerosis

The Medical Herb family of creams is not qualified as medicinal product. Positive results are achieved by the combined effects of herbal plant extracts in the cream. In case of illness, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

The product efficiently reduces Atherosclerosis. It reduces the inflammation of blood vessels. It assists in the reduction of inflammation as well as in the alleviation of aortic stenosis caused by diabetes.

It dissolves the sclerotic accumulated matter on the blood vessel wall, allowing normal blood circulation.

Did you know that severe Atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the penis could be one of the underlying causes of the reduction of potency and of impotence?

The required amount for one course of treatment is: 300ml
It is advisable to repeat the course of treatment yearly.
Protect your health, clean your blood vessels.

ingredients: DADS, DATS, allil-metil-triszulfid, vinil-ditiinek, ajoén, S-allilcisztein, S-allilmerkaptocisztein, S-1-propenilcisztein.
100% medicinal herbs concentrate in alcohol extract.

Made By: EU
Distributor: Medical Herb Labs LLC.
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