Tincture reducing Atherosclerosis

The Medical Herb family of creams is not qualified as medicinal product. Positive results are achieved by the combined effects of herbal plant extracts in the cream. In case of illness, please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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The product efficiently reduces Atherosclerosis. It reduces the inflammation of blood vessels. It assists in the reduction of inflammation as well as in the alleviation of aortic stenosis caused by diabetes.

It dissolves the sclerotic accumulated matter on the blood vessel wall, allowing normal blood circulation.

The symptoms and complications of Atherosclerosis:

Atherosclerosis itself does not cause any symptoms until the constriction of the blood vessels increases to such an extent that circulation significantly deteriorates. It is only then that the symptoms appear and they also depend on which blood vessels are affected.

If the accumulated matter develops in the blood vessels of the brain, it may lead to stroke.
If the blood vessels around the heart are constricted, angina pectoris, cardiac infarction or cardiac failure may develop.
Sclerosis of the blood vessels on the periphery of the kidneys may cause high blood pressure and kidney failure.
If the sclerosis occurs in the blood vessels of the legs or the pelvis, the legs will hurt, initially only upon a greater load, but later also during walking.
For men the sclerosis of the blood vessels of the pelvis could even cause impotence.

Did you know that severe Atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the penis could be one of the underlying causes of the reduction of potency and of impotence?

Constriction of the blood vessels, occlusion of the capillaries significantly obstruct the flow of appropriate amounts of blood into the genitalia and by this the reduction of potency, a short-term erection of the penis or complete impotence may occur.

Already after 2 weeks of beginning the course of treatment you will feel the positive change in your body

It is to be used as a course of treatment.

If the Atherosclerosis is severe, the course of treatment must be repeated after one month intermission.

The required amount for one course of treatment is: 300ml

It is advisable to repeat the course of treatment yearly.

Protect your health, clean your blood vessels.

100% medicinal herb concentrate in alcohol extract.

Made in: EU

Distributor: Medical Herb Labs LLC

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