For any muscle/joint calcification in the feet, arms or shoulders

E.g.: Sclerosis of the deltoid muscle, calcific tendonitis

One of the typical reasons for the painful impingement of the shoulder is the calcification of the rotator cuff. Due to the constriction of the space above the shoulder-joint, when lifting the arm, the rotator cuff rubs against the bone above it. Upon such successive movements it causes pain, inflammation, restriction of movement.

The Medical Herb Lab medicinal plant cream stops the pain within 5 to 10 days and dissolves the calcification in 1 month.

100 gr, sufficient for the full rehabilitation.

100% herbal cream

Volume: 100 gr

Made By: EU

Distributor: Medical Herb Labs LLC.

Medical Herb Lab product family


Packaging: 100 g, which is sufficient for complete rehabilitation.

Ingredients: Mentha, Salvia officinalis, Artemisia absinthium, Artemisia vulgaris, Artemesia Annua, Matricaria chamomilla, Calendula officinalis, Melaleuca alternifolia, Hippophae,

Terpenes: Linalool, Pinene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Eucalyptol, Terpinolene, Borneol, Nerolidol, Humulene, Phytol

The Medical Herb Lab product family does not qualify as a medicinal product! The positive effects are exerted by the combined effect of the herbal extracts in the cream. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you have any illness. Medical

Distributor: Medical Herb Labs LLC.,

Made in: EU

Herb Lab Product Family


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